Two Boots Farm

A family run farm and floral design studio in Hampstead, Maryland. We grow a wide variety of cut flowers and produce. We also have over 100 cultivated pawpaw fruit trees. We use ecologically sustainable practices so that future generations can continue to grow in healthy soil.

All Things Seem Possible in May

Greetings, farm friends!

It seems as though the cool weather has finally departed and there are much warmer days ahead. We feel so lucky to have had such a pleasant, long spring. The sun and hot weather this week was welcome, though! As soon as the sun came out over the weekend, our flower fields kicked into high gear. The walk-in fridge is overflowing with gorgeous blooms, and every day we’re bringing in something new from the fields. This week, we managed to finish planting our dahlias, knocked out a ton of field work, and harvested loads of flowers. We’re finishing up the week designing for one of our biggest weddings yet! May is one of the busiest months of the year for us farmers, and we’re looking forward to the brief reprieve June brings, but for the time being, we’re basking in the glory of our daily harvest.

Just a few of the stunning flowers harvested on Wednesday morning.

Just a few of the stunning flowers harvested on Wednesday morning.


Get to Know Your Farmers

Samantha Brekosky is a returning crew member this season, and we’re so lucky to have her back on the farm! You may have met Samantha working with us at the farmer’s market, where she’s often found expertly pulling together stunning bouquets.

Samantha got her start in the farm world interning at Wollam Gardens, and there realized that flowers are where her love of art and farming intersect. At Two Boots, she’s been excited to learn about growing food sustainably while continuing to work with flowers. This summer she’s also experimenting with growing produce and flowers with a friend on some land in the city.

When Samantha isn’t working with us at Two Boots, she stays busy working as a freelance florist and as a freelance graphic designer for non-profits. (You, too, can hire her!)

Samantha’s favorite food to harvest, eat, and squish is tomatoes.

Gardening 101- Beginner Cut Flowers

Are you interested in growing a cut flower garden? There’s still time to plant flowers for summer blooms!

Flowers such as zinnias, celosia, and marigolds, are low maintenance and a good way to dip your toes into the world of homegrown cut flowers.

We space zinnias and celosia 6 inches apart, and space marigolds 9 inches apart. For the best stem length on these flowers, and many other cut flowers, we pinch off the tops of the plants when they’re about 8 inches tall, leaving a few sets of leaves below where we pinch. Pinching will encourage the plants to send off more branching stems, which increases the number of flowers produced and encourages longer stem length, which is desirable for floral design. We stake and net most of our cut flowers so that the stems will stay straight and the plants upright. Once your flowers are in bloom, deadhead any spent flowers that you haven’t harvested so that you can encourage the plant to continue producing.

Once we’re beginning to harvest the first of our summer flowers, I’ll share some flower harvest tips!

Last season’s zinnias

Last season’s zinnias


This week at the JFX market we will have arugula, hakurei turnips, head lettuce, spring mix, and mixed bouquets. We’ll also be bringing flower, veggie, and herb seedlings. This will most likely be the last week we bring seedlings, so get them while you can!

Save the Date

Saturday, June 29th - Two Boots Farm Open House and Potluck - We’ll show you around the farm, share a meal, have activities for kids, and an opportunity to build your own bouquet to take home.

Saturday, July 27th - Centerpiece Workshop at the Farm - Participants will learn to design their own centerpieces with flowers from our farm, sip wine from our neighbor’s vineyard, and tour the farm in this late afternoon summer workshop. Sign up early!

Saturday, August 10th- Flower Farm Dinner- Join us for an intimate seasonal dining experience on the farm prepared by Wilde Thyme. We will roam the farm, share a meal made with produce from Two Boots and other local farms, and enjoy an evening on the farm at the height of the season.

Our sweet farm cat, Gray, received her annual shave this week. She’s feeling great and ready for the summer heat!

Our sweet farm cat, Gray, received her annual shave this week. She’s feeling great and ready for the summer heat! 2157406214