Two Boots Farm

A family run farm and floral design studio in Hampstead, Maryland. We grow a wide variety of cut flowers and produce. We also have over 100 cultivated pawpaw fruit trees. We use ecologically sustainable practices so that future generations can continue to grow in healthy soil.

Keep it Movin'


Apologies for last week’s newsletter. There was some sort of snafu with Mailchimp and the newsletter arrived in your inboxes days after it was posted to our blog! Hopefully this time around it will arrive in a more timely fashion.

We’ve been moving nonstop this past week; there’s so much to accomplish! Elisa and I are both preparing to take vacations, a bold move for farmers in August! We’ve been running around the farm, making sure that everything is in order for each of us to take our respective week off, and taking note of the laundry list of tasks we’ll need to eventually accomplish. Have no fear, we’re staggering our trips and will still be sending produce and flowers to market while we’re away. As much as we love the work that we do, even the smoothest summer season can be enormously challenging, and we all need a break from time to time.

This week we knocked out another enormous bouquet order, and some bed prep and planting, with the help of former Two Boots superstar employee, Peter! It was great to have Peter on the farm again, as he’s a truly delightful human.

Peter in his bouquet nest.

Peter in his bouquet nest.

As we near September, we’re preparing for the end of summer bounties and thinking about wrapping up the farm for the season. We’ve been talking about what cover crops to put in, picking out areas for our overwintered flowers, and we’re eyeing pulling out the dying tomatoes in the field. It’s a bittersweet time of year on the farm! It’s incredible to think that we’ve just made it out of an extremely hot period and in no time we’ll be preparing for our first frost. This season is flying by.


Our market stand is overflowing with abundance these days.

Our market stand is overflowing with abundance these days.

This week at the JFX market we will have arugula, cherry tomatoes, heirloom tomatoes, shishito peppers, bouquets, and bunches of flowers.

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