Two Boots Farm

A family run farm and floral design studio in Hampstead, Maryland. We grow a wide variety of cut flowers and produce. We also have over 100 cultivated pawpaw fruit trees. We use ecologically sustainable practices so that future generations can continue to grow in healthy soil.

Springing Forth

The god of dirt

came up to me many times

and said so many wise and delectable things
— Mary Oliver, One or Two Things

As the days become longer and the temperatures climb, we find ourselves amazed by how quickly we’ve transitioned from hiding out in the greenhouse for hours on end to rushing through the fields, preparing the soil and planting as much as we are able. Just as our earliest overwintered flowers begin to bloom, we’re working double time to get our first summer flowers into the fields!

At times, it can feel like a never-ending grind, but we love what we do, and we’re constantly learning and trying new things. Recently, we’ve been particularly excited about trying out more no-till methods on the farm. We’ve always worked hard to minimize tillage, so as to avoid disturbing the soil biology on the farm. This year, we’ve been experimenting with new ways of killing our cover crops and preparing our beds in hopes that we’ll be able to build our organic matter and sustain a healthy soil food web. We also frequently find toads, snakes, and lots of other critters in our gardens when we’re doing bed prep, and when we’re gentle on the soil, it means we’re more likely to support the life of these creatures as well!

We’ve been finding lots of toad eggs in wet areas on the farm.

We’ve been finding lots of toad eggs in wet areas on the farm.

This week we’ll be bringing arugula, radishes, hakurei turnips, shiitake mushrooms, tulips, and daffodils to the JFX market. We’ll also have an abundance of flower, veggie, and herb seedlings for sale!


Save the Date

Saturday, May 4th - on farm plant sale and a free gardening 101 class

Saturday, May 11th - on farm plant sale and a free gardening 101 class

Saturday, June 29th - Two Boots Farm Open House and Potluck - We’ll show you around the farm, share a meal, have activities for kids, and an opportunity to build your own bouquet to take home.

Saturday, July 27th - Centerpiece Workshop at the Farm - Participants will learn to design their own centerpieces with flowers from our farm, sip wine from our neighbor’s vineyard, and tour the farm in this late afternoon summer workshop. Sign up early!

Saturday, August 10th- Flower Farm Dinner- Join us for an intimate seasonal dining experience on the farm prepared by Wilde Thyme. We will roam the farm, share a meal made with produce from Two Boots and other local farms, and enjoy an evening on the farm at the height of the season.

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